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Why Do I Live on Hilton Head Island?

Most of the local population in Hilton Head and the surrounding area have relocated here. You will seldom meet a person originally from Hilton Head Island.  I am not an exception to this.

In the early 2000’s I started my search for a new place to call home. I longed for a place near the ocean on the East coast with a warmer climate and a lower cost of living. I was born in Northern Illinois and moved to New York when I was 18. I may have lived in New York for over 40 years, but Hilton Head Island is my home.

I had visited Hilton Head Island in the early 70’s. I returned a few times over the years and was always blown away by its breathtaking natural beauty. I decided it fit my criteria for a wonderful new place to settle. That was 10 years ago and I’ve never looked back. I love the emphasis the islanders put on nature. Trees have more rights than people. If you don’t believe it, try to cut one down. The ocean beaches are amazing and not crowded.  There are nature trails and bicycle paths everywhere from one end of the island to the other.  The weather is perfect. It’s cool in the mid winter months, bet there are rarely any snowflakes. The summers are warm, but milder than Florida.

Since the relocated population from many parts of the US and other countries settled in Hilton Head, there are such diverse interests. There are so many exciting and fascinating people here. We have so much to do. I can’t think of a single pastime or hobby that doesn’t have a group represented here.

Each day seems to bring to light a new reason for being here...whether it be a breathtaking sunrise, sightings of incredible wildlife, or the opportunity to meet people who truly share my passion for the sense of peace and natural beauty that Hilton Head Island offers.

Not Your Everyday Realtor...

I have a long time Broadway and Television performing background and a strong passion for  the arts. I was fortunate to enter "the limelight" as a teenager. Performing is part of my very soul, and I found screen success in the 1966 film "Alice Through the Looking Glass".  I am very proud to say that role earned me an Emmy nomination, however the actual Emmy was awarded to Carol Burnett that year!  I was fortunate to work along side many major stars.

I can also say that I had the honor of working with Michael Landon, playing Little Joe's girlfriend in the "Shining in Spain" episode of the  "Bonanza" series in 1966.  It was an amazing and energetic time for me, and I am forever grateful for the many wonderful experiences, opportunities and relationships that time of my life brought me.

With this background, it is very important for me to have stimulating art, music and theatre near by. I could not live without it.  The South Carolina Theater for the Performing Arts is located on Hilton Head. It is a professional Equity theatre company. 

This facility rivals some of the best smaller theatres on Broadway. They put on amazing professional performances throughout the year. We also host the Hilton Head International Piano Competition. The very best young concert pianists compete from all over the world. There is the Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra with a full schedule of performances and renowned guest artists. We have terrific live performance nightclubs on the island, including The Jazz Corner. The great cities of Savannah and Charleston with their rich history and art colleges are just a short drive from the Hilton Head Island area.


Not Your Everyday Tourist...

Everyone knows that Hilton Head Island and Bluffton are wonderful resort destinations offering beautiful beaches, world class golf courses, tennis, and more...I have found so much more to this area that are well kept secrets, yet incredible finds. 

I belong to the Hilton Head Archeology Group. We have monthly meetings with guest archeologists and speakers. This area is rich in history from the artifacts of Pre Clovis people dating back more than 10,0000 years BC to the many treasures and evidence found form native Indians, early settlements and the evidence of having been an important outpost in Civil War. We go on field trips and digs and learn amazing information.

Horses and animals have always been a strong interest for me, having owned a horse breeding farm for many years. Hilton Head Islanders are animal lovers. They usually know you not by your name, but by your pet’s name. We treat our domestic and wild animals with great love and respect. One of our most successful thrift shops is The Litter Box. People donate their treasures and gently used items. The money generated from the sales all goes to supporting our local animal shelter. It is a huge success. The thrift shop browsing on the island and near by Bluffton is the best. Hilton Head is legendary for its shopping, outlet stores and charming boutiques.

Our Island thrives on peace and harmony, but we also have excellent hospitals and doctors. The firehouses carefully placed throughout the island all have ambulances with Emergency Medical Technicians on duty.  You are never more than 3 minutes from lifesaving 911 help.

Hilton Head Island provides everything I need for an enriching, happy and peaceful life.  I may have grown up in New York, but Hilton Head is my home.  Allow me to show it to you through my eyes.  It's more beautiful than you could imagine.